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There are many opportunities available to acquire saltwater and freshwater records, and you can earn a place for your name in the fishing record books. The Art of Fishing for Records provides stories, secrets, and strategies from Barry Osborn, a Wildlife Biologist and expert angler with over 200 records, including 17 world records and over 50 other fishing-related awards. Benefit from Barry’s experience and learn how to plan, research, and master fishing techniques to achieve record success! Along with rod and reel and fly fishing techniques, the book covers a wide range of methods such as handline fishing, pole and line no reel (Plnor) fishing, and bowfishing. This is your opportunity to learn how to catch, document, and receive recognition from landing the big one.

The Art of Fishing for Records is available in three formats including an ebook, a black and white paperback edition, and a full-color paperback edition only available on The paperback book is 184 pages with over 50 photographs.

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